Friday, June 11, 2010

I think every parent has days when one child is more of a favorite than the others. Maybe they did well in school, maybe they shared without prompting, maybe, (wonder of wonders) they even ate their dinner without squawking about it being yucky or smelling gross.

I do not expect such grandiose accomplishments from my own children, I know that asking for too much can lead to disappointment and I'd rather be over the moon when they remember to wipe themselves after going potty.

But when my son came home from school with this project, I nearly swooned from happiness.

It says:

"My mom's name is Mary."

"She is 23 years old." (That's where he earns the brownie points)

"She is 8 feet tall." (also, not bad, I'll take it)

But here's where he gets a little more daring.

"On sunny days, Mom likes to nap."

I suppose I can't blame his honesty. But he redeems it with:

"I love her because she gives me hugs."

By Daniel

I guess I'll forget about the gigantic home-dug pit in our backyard and the time he covered every inch of the girls' room (and his baby sister) in baby powder.

For now.