Wednesday, December 15, 2010

William is three months old today and I couldn't be more thrilled.

One, he has begun to smile a lot and sometimes, if I work hard enough, he will laugh out loud. It sounds like a seal got stepped on. But a cute seal.

And two, He has officially slept through the night for two nights in a row. I don't want to get too excited, but the thought of going to sleep with confidence and without fear of waking up ten minutes later is just too good to be true.

His favorite songs are Wee Willy Winky and The Alphabet Song. Not that he really has a choice, it's pretty much all I sing to him. (with the occasional "I Feel Pretty" thrown in. Don't ask)

Every kid had their specific songs. Poor Shannon, I don't remember singing to her much, she was always crying. Dan got to hear the Irish Lullaby and Katie got the first few lines of "Little Bird" from The Fiddler on the Roof. (I forgot the rest of the song) Also I would sing Bicycle Built for Two but I put in "Katie" in place of "Daisy."

I should have done the Alphabet Song with all of them. Would've saved me the grief of teaching letters in Kindergarten. Plus it's easy to sing. You don't need to hear my rendition of I Feel Pretty. It's not.

Shannon calls the baby "Goochie". As in: (squeally baby voice) "Oh, let me see that baby Goochie oh he's so cute what have you been doing today are you pooping what a good boy you are soooo cute!!!"

I brought Katie to the doctor today to once and for all try to fix this skin problem she has. It turns out she has a staph infection from eczema. I was positive it was an allergy to milk but I suppose not. She's on antibiotics and a cream so hopefully it will clear up soon. And now we can give her chocolate again. I think that was harder for me than her.

Christmas is ten days away and I'm almost ready. Except that Daniel believes in Santa fiercely and is positive that he will be receiving a Lego train set. These are $100 and up so I'm trying to gently tell him that even Santa has a price cap.

Katie wants a Rudolph stuffed toy. That's my girl. I used to love Rudolph so much that I would pretend the big round red light at the back of the school bus marking the emergency exit was Rudolph's nose. I was not a normal kid.

Shannon has asked for Squinkies for Christmas. These are little obnoxious collectible toys. I hope this gathering toys stage will be gone next year. But at least it's an easy thing to get and relatively cheap. Not like last year's Zhu Zhu pet drama. I haven't seen that much demand for an essentially useless toy since Cabbage Patch Kids. (but I'll admit I wanted one of those)

Tomorrow is the kids' Christmas concert at school. Tim is working, so I will be bringing Katie and William to see it on my own. Wish me luck!