Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter weekend.

Full of merriment and laughter and candy.

And this questionable character.

Is he going to really hide the eggs for the joy and delight of the children or did he have some dark sinister plan like filling them with creepy crawlers or worse...vegetables! The broken down shed in the background doesn't help his tainted image. (it's the neighbor's)

Looks like he decided to hide them.

I think we spent more time hiding those plastic little nightmares (they're all over the house right now) than it took those punks to find them. Why can't they clean up
the living room with this enthusiasm?

"Cause the living room isn't filled with candy, mom. DUH!"

Everyone is happy until they discovered what was for dessert.

You know how sometimes a person may try to cover up a mistake by just saying screw it and making tons more happy accidents on top of the first one? That's my excuse. Once I realized that I didn't have enough frosting, (the cake crumbs were very uncooperative)I tried to cover it all up with sprinkles and candy and piping, you know, to take your eye off the decapitated head on a chopping block and it's gross facial disfigurement.
How do I know what a rabbit's cheeks look like? Do they even have cheeks? What's going on there?
The kids loved it anyway so all's well...
For Katie's birthday I'm making a ladybug cake.
Can't wait to annihilate that one too.


  1. The cake was great!Thank goodness for good weather Easter weekend!!

  2. Hi Mary, thanks for your thoughts and prayers for my family. How are you feeling? Hope all is going great! BTW, love the bunny cake! Much better than I could have done! :)