Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fear not ye who have little faith in me. I'm not gone for good, I'm just really bored (or rather boring) lately and somehow making PW's cinnamon rolls for the 4,652nd time just doesn't seem interesting enough to post about.

These are the thrilling things I have to talk about.

I am officially the worst mother in the world because tonight, I introduced my kids to Beetlejuice with the insane idea that they wouldn't be so afraid of the boogieman if they thought it was funny. Dan didn't think it was funny. There is something really wrong with me.

Smack in the middle of some personal family stressful problems that I was sure would raise my blood pressure to a dangerous level, I had a Dr. appt. yesterday and I got to hear the baby's heartbeat. It was a nice bright spot for a particularly crazy day. I have my tell-all ultrasound in a month and a half. (my BP was good too)

I WILL make PW's flat apple pie this week. A good dose of pie crust can fix anything. That's where Tim and I really fit well together. He likes the insides of the pie and I like the crust. It's my excuse to just "have what he's having".

Daniel had a severe emotional reaction when Katie took apart his Legos to put them away. Is superglue a good idea?

The kids are now more socially active than mommy and daddy. The only time we get out is to take them to play dates and birthday parties. But then they're not in the house so that's really a good thing. I'm all socialized out.

Still waiting for that first kick. Not that I'm particularly looking forward to this pregnancy milestone. Being reminded that there is something living inside you is both miraculous and disgusting. I saw "Alien" when I was thwarted with morning sickness during my first pregnancy and well, that's really not a good movie to watch in that condition.

See? That's it. My life plods on like an old swaybacked mule. Or maybe a pony. Did I mention I like horses?


  1. A multitude of thoughts!I always loved to feel my kids kick(yes,even with Tim's big feet!).It seemed to add to the miracle of it all.
    Bettlejuice??Like it,but maybe not so good for the wee ones!!

  2. We only watched the beginning. Nothing really inappropriate, but it raised a lot of funny questions about what happens when you die.