Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Oh great Pioneer Woman, why must you be so cruel?

First you post a picture of this.

Which inspires me to make a second trip to Wegman's in one day just to get the right stuff to make this marvelous work of dessertship.

Then I spend gratuitous amounts of time (I'm sure would have otherwise been spent doing excessive laundry, dusting and molecular science) attempting to duplicate such a lovely creation.
And the result is this very suspicious substance.

The brownie part is really good, when you peel off the stretchy elastic caramel layer.

But peeling off caramel is just not an activity that should be humanly possible.


  1. Hmmm, looks like you may have cooked the caramel too long. I saw that recipe, but didn't really read thru it - didn't want to get tempted to make it, glad you did - I'll be over to try one...needs nuts tho!

  2. The caramel was cooked perfectly. Just till amber in color. The screw up comes from adding gelatin to it. Supposed to help it set. I'd prefer sloppy gooiness next time.

  3. Somehow think it will get eaten.Caramel looks like partly melted caramel squares...think they are(were) made by Kraft.Tasted good no matter what form!