Monday, July 19, 2010

The moons and stars and constellations and universe and Elvis must have been aligned because last week, I was lucky enough to get away from disgusting children's bodily functions and visit here.
Even if ever so briefly, I had a glimpse back to the pre-children days. No feeding bottomless pits, no whining, no fighting, no noise.

Such a nice time spent with other adults. (never mind the two young'uns, they were very well behaved and more importantly, NOT MINE to worry about)


Except not so much when sharing a pull out bed with this sibling. No complaints from me though, the bruises I received for being an obnoxious little sister and not letting her get any sleep were well worth the time spent away from home.

Because all too soon, the house will sound like this again.
Though I am really excited about the baby, I'll keep this little mini vacation in the front of my memory as my go-to Calgon place of peace and tranquility.


  1. So glad you got to go!Should have had someone use the camera to take a pic with you in it!

  2. OK, I'll bite...don't forget, "this sibling", the one who allegedly assaulted you, SHE was the one who gave up a whole week at the cottage so her pesky baby sister would be able to go for fewer than 48 hours. Jury Duty had nothing to do with it ;-)