Friday, July 23, 2010

Upfront warning: This post will have many more pictures than words because I am thoughtless (as in without thoughts) and lazy.

I'm so happy we seem to be able to make it to the Hemlock Fair every year.

It's been nice to see the kids grow out of their fear of rides. (Though Katie never exhibited this trait)

They all love to go on these rickety portable death traps, and I love that you pay one rate at the door (or not in our case, thanks to a very nice family friend with connections) and can ride unlimited rides.

And here at Hemlock, not only are there rides but there are plenty of farm animal competitions to entertain and educate the suburban families who live so close to cow country, but still don't really understand where milk comes from.

I love sheep.
So uncluttered with stress and worry.
So oblivious to our world's economic and sociopolitical problems. (I'm just trying to sound impressive, is sociopolitical even a word? Maybe I mean political and socioeconomic)
I like to watch them wander around their pens, bumping into each other, not even caring about the oil spill or Haiti relief.
But my favorite moment is when they open up their mouth, look up and bleat like "c'mon people, feed me!"
Or maybe it's actually "I'm bored, get me away from these stupid gawking city people so I can end world hunger."

Either way, would somebody explain this to me? Because apparently these two have decided to take take matters into their own hooves and stop the madness as Wonder Twin Powers superheroes.

As is customary every year we attend this event, we choose to go on the day there is a monsoon.

But in denial, we kept plugging through the rides and food, ignoring the ominous skies.

Ha Ha Ha! Mommy, is that a twister behind you?

Naw, that's just some black clouds and green skies and eerie silence. Now hang on to something sturdy.

Fortunately, we were already safe in a nice spacious building, eating happily when the torrential downpour hit.

And we stayed up waaay past bedtime.
But it was well worth it.


  1. Love it!!Except the picture with me in it...but the kids look cute;Dan checking his sandwich out..Shannon appearing to try to get away from me!I really do think the sheep have a higher calling(see what happens when you're forced to read "Animal Farm")
    And the last picture of Katie...says it all!!

  2. I love that picture of you! You look so happy!

  3. I WAS happy, surrounded by my grandkids(I think Katie had a harder time navigating the bleachers so was concentrating on her sandwich...or so I'm thinking!)I just look so old and fat!You can't control getting old,but I could do a better job controling weight!
    So-o how much an hour for this therapy session??:)

  4. Fun! Everyone looks like they're having a great time (and Carol, you don't look old OR fat) and the line "take matters into their own hooves" gave me a good laugh! :)