Monday, September 20, 2010

William was born last Wednesday morning at 5:28.
Thankfully there was an epidural involved. Why some choose to not get these suckers is beyond me, I've always said they should be mandatory.

And prompt.

It felt like everyone was moving in slow motion as I breathed away another excruciating contraction, while the staff "patiently" waited for the inconvenience to end so they could get my mother's maiden name down in their records.

Really? Seriously? And while I'm on the subject of "seriously" I'd like to share a de'ja vu story that involves Tim. Sorry hon, but I gotta tell it.

As we neared the hospital, my contractions were getting strong enough that I couldn't talk through them. I had been saying something to Tim when I abruptly grabbed the handle-thingie above the door and started breathing like I had asthma. I must have been chatting away because Tim seized the moment to ask me whether he should drop me off at the er or at the front door.
And I mustered the strength to kindly answer him " Really? Are you serious? You're gonna ask me a question now? My stopping MID-SENTENCE wasn't enough of a clue that right now is not a good time?
And it's exactly what happened when I was in labor with one of the other kids.

Now let me soften my teasing by stating that Tim has been wonderful these past few days, helping take care of the kids and taking on the mommy chores. He's shared my lack of sleep willingly and taken the kids mercifully out for periods of time. So thanks Tim, you rock.

Now on to another matter.
I know all newborn babies are "cute", (we all know they really look like aliens) but don't you think little Willie looks like a certain semi-obscure celebrity? (Paul Walker would be nice...)

One We've all seen in something but can only refer to him as "that guy from that movie"

It's Chris Cooper people. You know, Seabiscuit, Bourne Identity, The Horse Whisperer?? (no one seems to know this guy)
Admit it, all babies (ok my babies) all look like teeny old men.
No? Maybe I'm just delirious from exhaustion. I do think he's adorable, (Willie, not Mr. Cooper) but I'm a little biased.


  1. Maybe, in a very abstract way.But my grandson is WAY cuter than he ever thought of being!!(At the same time, realizing Chris C couldn't always help how he looked!!)(Am I wishy-washy or what??)

  2. I think he's beautiful. No resemblance to an old man--I don't see a wrinkle on him! He reminds me of my babies.

  3. At the rate I'm going he'll be as old as Chris Cooper before I get to see him!!

  4. Congratulations!!! He is beautiful!