Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Goodbye cruel, record-breaking, sweltering, molten, yucky summer.

Thanks for being the hottest one in a gazillion years. This year in particular, the summer I'm pregnant.

We've managed to be miserable the whole time.

Never going out for fear we might melt into a slimy gooey puddle.

There was an occasional rare find that kept us interested in the great outdoors. I hadn't seen one of these slides since I was a kid.

And I never thought I'd see this kind of sight from my self-proclaimed "I'm an indoor kind of girl "

Daniel discovered a new obsession with trains.

But finally, the winds changed (for one day anyway) and we had a blessed day of cool.

With some sun.

And before I knew it, it was time for me to start getting used to a quiet house again.

Tomorrow is my due date.
We'll see how long the quiet lasts.

*last chance to put in name ideas, we are still not firm on anything yet, especially a middle name. And I'm still not entirely convinced it's a boy...*


  1. I hope the kids had a great first day of school!
    Even after all these years,I can relate to you about being "end of pregnant" in the heat!
    I liked your idea for a middle name,and I still don't think "Kellett"would be bad for a middle name.Just a shot...not a name I normaly like for a first,but "Paul"(my mothers maiden name)for a middle?
    (Yea...lets get her even more confused as labor looms near!!)

  2. Around here the weather went from too hot to a little on the chilly side awfully quickly. Where were the nice weeks of in the middle?

    I suck at baby names but can't wait to hear about your little one's arrival!

  3. I still like William Patrick, but now that I've said that, you'll probably cross it off the list. I still like Sarah or Catherine Elizabeth

  4. William Lawson Ferran was born on 9/15/2010, 7# 6oz and was 20" long. Both baby and mommy are doing fine.