Friday, August 6, 2010

When describing what it feels like to be 8 months pregnant,

two memorable movies come to mind.
Number one, the sci-fi flick Alien. Because I don't care how miraculous it is to grow a living thing inside of you, it's still a living thing inside of you poking and pushing it's way around so much a woman's belly can resemble a water balloon filled with angry gremlins.

And Ghostbusters, because the rest of her is about as happy and fluffy as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man waddling heavily through the streets of Chicago, (or is it NY?) happy and jolly on the outside, but ready to stomp on the next person who says how cute she looks.
Trust me, angry gremlins in your tummy and feet as big as Michelin tires do not feel "cute".
But please feel free to tell her how her lovely glow (sweat and acne) really emphasizes her femininity (robust curves). Just make sure you are offering a hot fudge mint chocolate chip cheesecake sundae with a warm chocolate pop tart on top while you say it.


  1. Remember the feeling!But I loved feeling my babies move and kick...Even Tim's gigantic "too-big-for-newborn-booties" feet!
    And you look great (see...I'm not using the word "cute")!!

  2. Hot Fudge Mint chocolate chip cheesecake sundae? Are we craving a little chocolate??

  3. Thanks, Mare. After reading your post, I had to go get myself a Hershey's bar! At least if I gain a pound or two, I'll know who to blame (and absolve myself of any guilt)!

  4. What can I say? You look like crap? No, that might hurt your feelings, do you need a towel because you are dripping wet? No, I don't think you'd appreciate that either. Hmm, what should I say... I guess, boy am I glad that your in NY and I am in NM! :) Actually Mary, when I saw you at the lake I thought you looked great - not cute or glowing - just happy. Soon you will be holding your little alien in your arms and won't be feeling like a marshmallow. Pattie

  5. Thanks Pattie. I'm not a miserable person, I just have a twisted sense of humor.

  6. Actually, I don't know how Mom, Aunt D, Maureen and you have done it - 4 kids! Wow - I can barely keep up with just the two I have and they are 9 years apart. You do look great though, one would never know that you are having your fourth child :) Pattie