Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I'm in the homestretch now, only a couple of weeks left.
One of the phenomena that is commonly felt by very pregnant women is their belly getting so huge they can't see their feet anymore. I don't remember this ever being something I experienced with the other pregnancies, my problem was just that I couldn't bend over to put my shoes on any more.
But I always could at least see my feet, even if I couldn't reach em'.

We all remember the famous line from Star Wars (well ok, mom, you may not. But everyone else does) when Old Ben Kenobi mystically waves his hand at the troopers and says "These are not the droids you're looking for."

It's one of the first peeks at the power of the force.

I wish I could harness some of that Jedi mind-trick stuff and use it on myself.

Because every time I look down at these over-inflated flippers, I say to myself "These are not the feet you're looking for" and I wish I could experience that whole "I can't even see my feet now" thing.

These suckers can't be mine.
(I apologize for ailing you all with the nasty visual)

Tim took this a couple days ago and I couldn't be happier that my feet are cut off.


  1. Love the pic of you and the kids!Can't believe it's so close.

  2. Keep those legs crossed, can't be delivering till after school starts (preferably the 13th)!

  3. But you look so very healthy! Those feet will return to normal...This is a great picture. The baby has grown quite a bit since I saw you early August.

  4. You are soo cute! Congrats on the pregnancy and even more so, almost being done!

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    Have a great Sunday!