Monday, February 22, 2010

After loads of time spent on really important things like scrubbing the baseboards on my hands and knees and cleaning the blinds individually by hand and dusting the filth from each and every ceiling fan in the house, (we have exactly 37 in our home) I decided to make another of PW's recipes for lunch today.

OK, of course I didn't do all that stuff, but I did cook... a little.

Potato skins are something I've never made before so I gave it a try. Except I was only feeding myself so I only made one.

And I didn't have any chives.

And I couldn't bear to throw away the mashed innards so I threw 'em back into the skins and turned them into twice-baked potatoes.

And I still have yet to master the art of scooping out the pulp without destroying the skin. How is that accomplished? Everyone else seems to be able to do it. When I try, I end up smashing it all together in a fit of frustration and calling it a garbage plate.

Despite all that stuff which pretty much adds up to me not following a recipe at all and just making my own thing, it tasted pretty good.

Is it wrong of me to be so excited for school to be back in session? I almost missed my girls when they slept over at Grandma's for two nights this past week, but then I came to my senses and enjoyed the silence while I caught up on my beauty rest.
So much for all the big plans to clean the girl's room and finish painting the hallway or even the kitchen or wash the dog or clean my andirons when I don't even have a fireplace. Not that you would know this. (actually I do have a fireplace, but I don't know what the heck an andiron is)
Sorry, I got carried away with the movie reference thing. (anyone other than Teresa know it?)

I spent a very productive week visiting the back of my eyelids and I suggest you all do the same. It'll make this world a happier place.

P.S. Happy belated Birthday to my one and only (should I still say favorite?) brother! No age jokes, I promise. Except how old are you again? I lost track after 40...