Thursday, February 4, 2010

I watched "Breakfast at Tiffany's" last night.

I've been itching to see it since it's supposedly such an iconic American film.

I used to think if I ever made it to NYC, I'd have to go eat at this Tiffany's place. It must be really good if there's been a movie about it, not to mention all the famous images of Audrey Hepburn looking so classy and sophisticated.
The fact that "breakfast at tiffany's" is only Audrey eating a croissant in front of the snazzy jewelry store after "a hard night's work" is about the most intelligent aspect of the movie.

What a let down. I don't know which was worse; the irreverent (and not even funny) politically incorrect Asian landlord portrayed by Mickey Rooney, or the mediocre acting, especially by the interesting-as-cardboard George Peppard.

I thought Audry's character was going to be this beautiful intelligent high society kind of gal. No no, she's a ditsy hooker. Though that's not really made as obvious as the gigolo that Peppard's character is. I guess she's supposed to be a lady or something.

Bottom line, I may have enjoyed it if I cared about it at all. But I felt nothing except pity for the wet cat in the end and a longing to see Patricia Neal's character some more.

What's so great about this movie anyway? Was America so obsessed with Audrey Hepburn that this floppy flick has weaseled it's place as a permanent and beloved symbol of American pop culture?

*witty segue somehow connecting the downfall of American cinema with cooking would go here, but I'm just not that smart or motivated*

With my tastebud torture temporarily lifted today, I felt like cooking.

Nothing outrageous or risky, just maybe some comfort food. So I did PW's lasagna. (very modified) and her crispy oatmeal cookies. (also modified)

With all this changing of her recipes, I'm not sure if it really follows the rules. But what the heck, they're my rules so I say it still counts as completing a recipe from her book.

I skipped the cottage cheese and egg mixture in the lasagna, replacing it with cheddar, parmesan and FRESH mozzarella. I could have eaten that whole blob of mozz. by itself it was so good.

I liked PW's version okay, but I found it to be a bit saucy. I think I'm still happy using canned sauce. Also, her way of assembling was weird. She put the cheese layer on before the meat. Though with the really wet cheese mixture in her recipe, that might work. Again, my version was a lot different than hers.

The cookies were delicious. I substituted chocolate chips for the pecans which turned out to be a dandy decision. Yummy. I did skip the step about rolling a log and refrigerating it before baking.
Why wait?

Time to go watch something reliable like "When Harry Met Sally" and make a dish like tacos. You can't go wrong with tacos.

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  1. Think "Breakfast at Tiffany's" came out at a time when many movies were made without much depth.And it seems I remember hearing something about the studio and actors and contracts,etc.But I still like Audrey Hepburn!!