Monday, February 1, 2010

I think I'll take a short hiatus from my PW recipe challenge, at least till I'm through the first trimester.

You see, I'm not at all myself. I haven't been to horseback in two weeks, (though not due to pregnancy, just coincidence) I'm laying around all the time, (ok, more than usual) I have zero interest in the computer, (basement is too cold and inconvenient) and nothing tastes the same. I don't want to eat, but I want to taste.
I bought Whoppers to alleviate some of this craving for sweets and was very disappointed.
They tasted burnt.
I may as well just crawl under the covers and hibernate.

I'm not even nibbling on my chocolate bar, and when I have a bowl of ice cream, it just doesn't bring me any joy.

So cooking is not an activity I'm really motivated to do lately. We've had sandwiches for lunch almost every day. With pickles. It's the reason to have the sandwich.

So I'm sorry for this temporary setback, but I do plan to finish what I started.
But not till I get my tastebuds back.
Hopefully by Valentine's Day.
I've always wanted one of those heart shaped boxes filled with chocolate.


  1. But by the way things are gong Tim, make them pickles instead of chocolates with her new cravings.

  2. Convenient timing, now that you've gotten to the recipes that you don't care for....want me to guest host the recipes like the Burgundy Mushrooms that you wouldn't dream of eating, let alone making?