Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Since I can't get my act together and I turn into a total mushpile whenever I think about anything that has to do with delivering this baby, I'm pleading temporary insanity in my own defense regarding the general neglect of this blog.

Because I still cannot put thoughts together properly and I have been known to have minor fits of porky pig's stuttering syndrome lately, I will just mention a few random things in my brain.

Raiders of the Lost Ark is (in my humble but correct opinion) the best movie ever made. And I don't care if it's appropriate or not for a 3-year-old. She needs to know the beauty and perfection that is Indiana Jones.
(it's also the best soundtrack)

I don't know (or care about) anything that has to do with football. But when that guy kicked what, an onside pass? after halftime, I got really excited. Also one of those later touchdowns was pretty thrilling.

My doctor asked me today how far along I was.
Should I be more worried that he had to ask? Or that I couldn't answer him with any sort of certainty?

This is the freshly made snowman my kids (who have known snow their entire lives) have created.
When I encouraged them to maybe make it bigger, they took a good long look at it and decided it was absolutely finished.
It's about a whopping foot and a half tall. (including the hat)

Chocolate pop tarts are the world's best food.

There are 62 recipes in Pioneer Woman's cookbook. I have made 34 of them.
(I forgot to mention the spicy pulled pork I made on Superbowl Sunday. Not so spicy really. But I made it in the crockpot. Someday I'll get a dutch oven)

Right now all smells are bad. Anything that has a scent at all is too much. If I catch even a trace of perfume on someone, I want to yack.

Finally, I think this baby is a girl. (but I reserve the right to change my mind about that)


  1. When will you find out? I need to know what colors to put in his/her quilt!

  2. I agree,Indy is one of the best...I agree that you should worry about a dr. that has to ask you info he should know...I agree that the snowman is a tad short,but interesting.Isn't it nice to have someone to agree with you??

  3. You'd think that you all of this pregnancy stuff would be old hat for you by now! The Dr. was probably just checking your mental status, making sure that you remember that you are pregnant and Alzheimer's hasn't set in at your age. :)
    I do have to agree that chocolate pop tarts must be the world's best food.

  4. I guess I should get "Raider of the Lost Ark just to satisfy my curiosity. Or is it one of those " you won't like it Mom"?


  5. I suspect you won't appreciate its humor or style, but I can bring it over for you this weekend if you want.

  6. You guys might be surprised and Doloris would really enjoy it and the special effects...maybe not the snakes...or the propeller/arm scene...but not many do!