Monday, May 25, 2009

Ever have a day that just seems to go nowhere? This morning was like that. Beautiful weather. No immediate plans, just ideas. I got it in my head that I wanted Shannon to work on riding a bike today and it seemed to take forever to get there. I was baking, Tim's in the basement, kids are outside. Then I'm on the phone, kids are in and out, Tim's on the computer. Then I'm on the computer, Shannon is saying "can I just rest first?" when asked how she likes the idea of bike riding and I'm back on the phone.
Then it's lunch.

FINALLY, we make it out the front door, get all geared up, and try. I'm still holding the bike and running alongside at this point. We go down the street and back at which point I'm huffing a little and Shannon says "O.K. can I be done for now?"
And that was it. I think there are some kids who can't wait to get the training wheels off and get it in a day, and then there are the Shannons who could care less and would rather lounge around and play dress up and pretend. She's a sensitive girl who's strength is definitely academics over sports. When she was little, she would set up all her toys and dolls and have conversations with them . She still does this. I will be in another room and I'll hear her carrying on what almost sounds like a performance. Her voice even changes to be a different character. Lately she's been using a voice that sounds an awful lot like Vincent Price when she laughs. I need to get this on tape somehow...

Then we washed the car together. I'm getting stuff prepared and Shannon is chomping at the bit to help. So I give her the sponge and bucket and she's daintily touching the sponge to the soap and feathering the car with it. I watched her do this all around the car till she says "All done! Shiny as a bird!"

What? What does that even mean? She's so funny, always saying things that must make sense to her I guess.
I took Tobi for a walk today later than usual which was nice because she wasn't peeing in every yard. So we're walking at a nice, brisk pace. Enjoying the sunshine, the breeze, the lovely day in general. We get to the corner and let a family of bikers pass. As we round the corner, 2 bikers from behind us wiz by and one says " get your damn dog out of the way" I say "excuse me? Get your damn *** in the road!" Last time I checked pedestrians had the right of way on the sidewalk and I'm positive we didn't come anywhere near cutting them off or anything.
Well, it didn't ruin our walk by any means. But it's so sad that people can carry around such anger that they talk that way to strangers. It wasn't a shining moment for me either. I should have just ignored it.
The day drifted on like one of those slow, beautiful epic movies (Out of Africa) and I feel very peaceful.

That's not me on the mower by the way (mom) Don't freak out, I didn't get a tattoo. It's Tana and her two boys, Shannon, Katie, and Dan is there but hidden.

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  1. Jon and Kate...need to get priorities straight and in line with each other! Daniel is my little sweetie and, I do concur, very creative!So,ask one of my other sweeties,Shannon,when is she going to wash Grandma's car?!