Wednesday, May 27, 2009

This morning, Katie and I were cleaning out the kitty litter when she stopped and pointed to the little birdie on her shirt. I said "oh what a cute little bird!" This then threw me back to a memory of (trying to) sing the little bird song from "Fiddler on the Roof" to Shannon when she was a baby and she wore her little outfit with, (you guessed it!) cute little birdies on it. I started to sing it to Katie but was forgetting the words. The strongest urge to watch the movie came over me. It's my all-time favorite musical. (with West Side Story a close second)

I remember years ago mom and Teresa were going to see this movie in the theater. I think I was about 8 maybe? I begged and begged to go, and despite their efforts to convince me I would hate it, I won.

I hated it. Sooo boring. I must have complained the whole way home. All I remember thinking was, will he ever stop saying "on the other hand..." Then I grew up and I believe Teresa may have reintroduced it to me and I loved it. (thanks Terese for keeping the culture in my life)

So we watched it. All curled up and cute under our "nite nites" on the couch. And Katie seemed to like it for a full 20 minutes. Which was perfect, I had never expected to get further than that, and I got my fix. Little by little we'll make our way to the part with "the little bird" song.

This picture is an "oldie but a cutie" (2007)

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