Friday, May 29, 2009

Shannon came home from school today with a HUGE book. Brand new. Very nice. This thing is softcover (thankfully) but is 2' by 2'. No exaggeration. She said it was something the teacher gave her. (she wasn't the only one endowed with such a marvelous gift, her classmates got them as well.) But where are we gonna put the thing? Ya can't stand it up against anything because it flops around, can't put it under stuff because it takes up the whole floor. I'd like to have the kids cut it up, make it into a huge card and give it right back to the teacher.

Now, I love her teacher. She's encouraging and patient with the kids. And she's a big believer in rewarding them for good behavior and schoolwork. This works very well as Shannon comes home frequently so excited because of what she "won" that day. I know we're supposed to praise them when they're good and all that but could we please curtail the stuff that comes home?

I'd rather avoid the inevitable crying and yelling at mommy when it's discovered that yet another beloved item is missing.

"Mommyyyy, I really really liked that (old, broken ugly) toy. It was my faaavorite!"

" You never played with it, you won't even miss it"

"But Mommmyyyy, I love it. Can we get it back?"

"No, we don't have room for so much stuff."

"Well can we go to the store and get a new one?"

"No, why don't you start thinking about what you want for your birthday?"

"It's not the same thing! I want it nooowww."

"You've got plenty of (whatever) Why don't you play with what you already have?"

"But I don't waaant to, I want that one."

Arms are now folded tightly and steam is spewing from her nose. There's a long pause.... and then she hits me with it.

"This is the worst day EVER! I'm never going to do anything (bla bla, incomprehensible mutterings... back to yelling) EVER AGAIN!"

Stomping up the stairs and slamming of the door follows.

I hear my mom's voice when I am asking (OK, hollering) for the kids to pick up their stuff and I'm calling it "junk." That's what mom called it. That's what I now call it because I'm tired of seeing it all over the place.

I guess that sounds insensitive, (I suppose it is) But when I'm in a mood, everything better be picked up or that "junk" will end up in the garbage. And it has, but only occasionally.


  1. Tana wants to know what's wrong with tattos!

  2. did you ever think you were back at mom & dads' and this is just a replay of your life?

  3. Sooooo glad I had boys, they are definitely not attached to "stuff" like girls are. Not that I don't have my trials and tribulations with them, but I think for the most part it's not as "dramatic"! Although that does lead to better stories to tell the Grandkids!

  4. not attached to stuff? Have you been to your house?