Tuesday, May 26, 2009

First, I want to start by addressing the whole "Jon and Kate" issue. (I'm pretty sure everyone reading this knows what I'm referring to and I don't know how to post a link. Let alone what link to use)

I pity them for the unfortunate nature of being celebrities. Actors being put on some kind of perfection pedestal is absurd and cruel. I think that cameras have taken the place of Jon in Kate's life (she seems to thrive with the attention) and they could use some time alone to work on their relationship. (couldn't we all?)

It's so easy to allow kids to dominate your daily life and to get lost in the whirlwind of raising them. I remember learning once (in church maybe?) that first comes your relationship with God, then your spouse, then your kids. That's a mighty tall order to fill but it makes so much sense. How can you raise your kids united if you're not even on the same page? I know I need help remembering this.

What this has proved to me beyond a doubt is that money certainly does not buy happiness.

Daniel may not love to practice writing his name or to learn his letters, but he is very creative. His favorite shows are Junkyard Wars, Deadliest Catch (Daddy's influence) and all those other shows about cars; fixing them up, tricking them out, (yeah, I know the slang) or building. I don't have a problem with him watching these all afternoon because he only watches for a few minutes and then goes off and "tricks out" his cozy coupe. It has been everything from an ice cream truck to a monster truck.

I love it when he talks about what he just did to his car to me like he's a mechanic. It never makes any sense but he pulls it off because he's got the hand gestures and expressions to make it believable.

Sometimes he arranges his blocks like a monster jam arena (oh yeah, I forgot to mention what a HUGE monster truck fan he is) He has also been known to make some crazy inventions out of blankets, toys, whatever he finds. After an episode of Mythbusters, he rigged together this contraption that fell apart when you pulled the string and he loved to demonstrate it over and over. (there were many versions of that one)

He really is "all boy" for now. So despite the tantrums and teasing and lack of motivation to pick up, he's just so lovable and cute.

(I'll have to make a post sometime about how "cleaning up" happens (or not) in this house)

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  1. I loved all the posts about the kids, when will you do one about the husband?