Wednesday, May 27, 2009

So mom wants to hear some Tim stories. Well I'll work on that. (no, that wasn't said sarcastically) I can say that right now I'm thoroughly enjoying something.

I'm actually better than him at something. Something computer-related even. We both have facebook accounts and we both tool around a little with various games. One of us does more games than the other, but that's not the point. (there's that un?intentional Irish dig quality I have coming out)

Pathwords. I'm terrible. My friends are getting scores close to one thousand. Me, around 5oo.

Mafia Wars. Tim had to swoop in and save me from going broke on that one. (fake money, don't panic mom )

He surpasses me on most (every) tasks involving numbers and/or the computer. (as he does in many other ways too) And that's fine with me. We're not competitive.

When we play Monopoly we don't sulk about not getting the favorite orange properties, or buy Boardwalk just because the opponent really wants Park Place. Or have a tantrum because we havn't landed on free parking more than once... Really, we're not competitive.

When we play games as a team we do pretty well. (we're fair at Pictionary and Taboo is not too shabby) So I never expected to feel so good about this new talent I discovered.

My high score in bejeweled is over 100,000, Tim's is 50,000 (I think) This really has nothing to do with talent. I'm pretty sure I'm just a little luckier. It feels good anyway.
When Tim plays this game, he's so focused and determined. This game gets the best of him and it drives him crazy. And I can't help but feel a twitch of pleasure when watching him struggle.

Love you hon. Even when you're winning at Monopoly.

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