Sunday, May 24, 2009

My family was outside playing in the backyard this afternoon. All but my youngest (3). I was getting ready to go out to do my daily chore of cleaning the dog poo, (ok, who am I kidding, the 2-or-3-times-a-week chore) when my youngest says "me outside?" and pats her chest like she does when she is referring to herself and I say "sure, go get your shoes on!"

She leaves the kitchen quickly, only to return not only with her shoes on, but this as well.

Now Katie was ready to help me find the dog poo. This girl is obsessed with poop in general. When we are in a public restroom, she (of course in the stall with me because she is only 3) never fails to announce loudly "mommy poop?" Repeatedly. Whether I am or not but at this point does it really matter?

I remember being at the Hemlock fair with the family last year and we were hiding out in an empty horse barn while a quick summer monsoon passed. The older two were running up and down the corridor playing chase or something. Where was Katie? Where was Katie. Oh yeah, over by one of the stalls looking in and saying in her "I-can-barely-talk" voice: " Mommy! Poop!"

"yes, that's horse poop." (monitor other kids)

"Mommy, Big Poop!"

" Wow, Katie, big poop" (continue watching other more mobile children)


"Yes Katie, horses poop big because they are so big."


And that's what mommies are for to a three-year-old.

(To her disappointment, I never made an effort to clean it up)


  1. Okay I found it. All I did was put the full url on the add blog list.

  2. Hey,once you made it into a one click thing,I found it pretty easy!Put it in my "favorites" so hopefully can access it that way.Yes,poop can be quite an obssesion with little ones...even more obvious when others are around who don't understand a hopefully passing phase!