Monday, September 14, 2009

At the rather soggy Autumn Days in Livonia this past weekend, we did quite a many activities.
But because I'm obsessed with getting good/interesting portraits of the kids, I failed to photograph anything we did.
All I have is the kid's reactions to stuff so you'll have to use your imagination.
The parade was first on the schedule. Our Godson proudly marched with the Boy Scouts.


This is our nephew, Conner. He could have been watching tractors or fire trucks or a band or those Shriner guys or any number of typical parade attractions. I don't know because I thought this was much cuter than geriatric men with tassels on their heads squashed into teeny tiny cars. So I kept taking shots like this.

Here I'm fairly sure a blaring fire truck was going by, or it could have been the soft swooshing of the color guard. He's pretty sensitive to sound. (if it's the color guard, that would explain the smile)

And this is the only one of her I got that day. She's decided lately to act like she's an ultra-famous diva and I'm the evil paparazzi so she screams for her agent when I whip out the camera.

Okay, I lied. ONE picture of the parade. (actually I took a few more, but this one was the only one worth posting. I mean, who wants to see pictures of ancient tractors anyway?) See how the one on the left is twitching his lip? I'm calling him ED and pretending he's talking to me-convincing me to buy a ranch and as many horses I can so as to free his brothers from gigs like this.
We also saw some beautiful exotic animals. My only excuse for no pics of that is that I was too busy holding a snake. Yes, I can't look at an arachnid without doing the heebie-jeebie dance but the snake? That was kinda neat. Shannon and I sorta got attached to a beautiful orange "corn" snake and now I know what to get Shannon for her birthday instead of those smelly hamsters...
These though... just yucky. A slimy end to a soggy day. What are they? Giant mutant homeless snails?? So slugs then?


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  1. Those sluggy-things were pretty gross,weren't they??