Tuesday, September 1, 2009

We ventured out to the zoo today for the 546th time this summer. Gotta squeeze every last drop of value out of our membership.

I think the meercats recognize us now.

We saw birds.

Though tricky as I am, this photo was taken the last time we went. This time I have no pics of the birds we saw because frankly, how many pictures of birds does a person need? I brought the camera but I am weary of the stress involved with trying to get a nice shot. So we will have little photographic documentation of today's trip at the zoo.

We do however have some proof of what happens at home when mommy is not in the room.

When I did come in, this is what I saw. (inanimate objects make much better subjects) Daniel explained that they were flamingos. "That's the daddy, and see that pinkish one? That's the little one. He's 6. And another one died."

Oh? What happened?

I don't know, he's just dead.

I didn't ask but he never mentioned which one was mommy...

This is a real tiger.

This is our stuffed tiger. Daniel has made a habitat for him in our living room. The arrangement of toys is very specific to ensure the tiger doesn't get away. It's hard to see but the orange truck holds his "food" (Katie's collection of acorns) while he relaxes comfortably on the blanket that should be on the couch.

He's a little crazy but I can't say he's not creative.


  1. I love the zoo! But we barely got our membership worth this summer.

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  2. He's not crazy,just lovably creative!!