Wednesday, September 16, 2009

In the spirit of Mexican Independence Day, Teresa called me spontaneously and suggested we make sopes. (pronounced so-pays) We don't really know the correct way to make it, I apologize to anyone who may be out there saying what the hell? that's not a sope! that's a chimichanga! I love Mexican food but I have no idea what one dish is from the next. I usually just look for whatever has the ingredients arranged the way I like it. Because most Mexican food is just some combination of beans, salsa, cheese, some sort of corn and flour based version of a tortilla, and cilantro anyway. Thanks, I'll have mine shaped like a tube today. Tomorrow I'd like it to look like a burro please.

Our type of sope looks like this.

I like lots of cilantro. It's intoxicating. I'm convinced that it is a descendant from the marijuana family because it makes me so happy every time I eat it. I'd like to plant it in my garden (yard) enabling me to inhale it all the live-long day except the rabbits would get to it and I really don't want tripped out bunnies reproducing all over our postage stamp of a yard. Either that or I'd be explaining "no officer, it really is for medicinal purposes." like those wacked out Californian weed farmers.

Sorry. Sidetracked. ADD.

Also the chorizo is worth mentioning. I dislike sausage with the same enthusiasm I dislike cleaning the kitty litter but this stuff is sooo tasty. It adds just the right amount of saltiness to the savory-ness of the other ingredients.

And the cotija cheese. Mmmmmm. I can't convince anyone who isn't already a believer because it smells like feet. But it's the very best topper for anything Mexican.

Even if the dish is shaped like a burro.

The fact that I had coincidentally made a Mexican dessert (yesterday's post) made my cilantro-induced high reach new levels. It was a meal that was destined for greatness.

Happy Anniversary Tim and Nicole!! 4 years, you guys are still newlyweds!


  1. your sope looks like the ones at el rincon in sodus which is pretty authentic (the waitress can barely understand english enough to take your order).


  2. I am so proud that I just figured out how to post a comment finally!

  3. Should we be worried about cilantro addiction?!
    The bunnies would act like our birds that eat the fermented grapes!

  4. Did you use the New Mexico chili? I made chili with it today, we'll have it for supper.