Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"Happy days are here again. The skies above are clear again. Let us sing a song of cheer again. Happy days are here again!"

Yay! Yippee yahooie! Whoop whoop! Who's happy? Everybody's happy!

Except Daniel not so much.
His day doesn't really count anyway because I went with him and it was only orientation for an hour and a half. I was worried about this day because last year he had a bit of difficulty understanding that school is not just playtime. When this concept sank in, he sort of shut down and refused to cooperate with any task that remotely resembled anything educational. No coloring, no puzzles, no singing, only on the playground was he interactive.
He did not surprise me today.
When it was time for the kids to separate from the parents, he flipped out. He ran to the corner, sat down crying (screaming) and REFUSED to get up. I picked him up and put him in the cute little line of kindergartners. Nope. Like a little mouse that keeps running to it's food no matter how many times you pick it up and put it elsewhere, he was back out of line, on the floor and crying loudly.
Every class has that kid. This year I get to be the parent of him.
And so Shannon came home reporting a wonderful first day and that she can't wait to go back.
So one out of two ain't bad right?

Last night we had one last summer hurrah at the park.

We went swimming. (sort of)

There was a bonfire. (kinda)

We were so far out in the country we saw a cowboy. (okay, I'm not foolin' anyone. Hi Dad)
Great picnic food too.

A little pigskin.

And some playground action.

But what's this? What did they find over there in the woods?

Yeah. To celebrate summer, the kids went sledding too.

I don't know how they got that out of the tree, (or why it was in a tree) but they got a kick out of it.
Now we're ready for winter.

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  1. Daniel reminds me of Pattie. On her first day of nursery school she pitched a fit because I wouldn't let her take her stuffed animal "Henry" to class with her. Her teacher just looked at me and said "Parenting isn't always fun, is it?" Talk about an understatement! By the next day Pattie happily skipped into class sans Henry.

    Great picture of Mom & Dad...I miss you all.