Friday, September 4, 2009

Girl's Night In

I've always wanted a bunk bed. They're like your very own tree house right in the comfort (and bug free-ness) of your room.

When our kids numbered from two to three, I thought for sure we'd get bunk beds for whichever kids ended up sharing a room.

After Katie was born, I made the mental note to have bunks in the girls' room. A couple years later, I made a further note that Katie would be on the top bunk because Shannon has a tendency to sleepwalk and while her dazed mutterings and wanderings are endearing, broken bones are not.

She is SOUND asleep. I think we'll have to wait a bit longer before ANYONE is sleeping on any top bunk. Though I may be willing to trade places for a night or two...

Daniel is sleeping over at Uncle Tim and Aunt Nicole's tonight so it was a girlie night. I never thought I'd say or do anything that involved discussing the 20 shades of fuchsia or hair styling; rollers or curling irons? But after having and almost thoroughly enjoying raising girls, I have lost my anti pink-and-feminine-and-cutesy attitude. So when Shannon begged to paint nails and do our hair and tell secrets, I obliged happily.

Katie's secret telling was simply whispering the word *secret* over and over much to Shannon's disappointment. She had expected to hear juicy details about unrequited love from her 3 yr. old sister.

I have never put make-up on my kids before and I stressed to them that it won't happen again unless it's Halloween or they are 18. But it was kinda fun and Shannon made a nice model.

Katie not so much. In the words of Dr. Seuss, "she would not could not..." ABSOLUTELY REFUSED to have her picture taken. I wanted to take her where the light was natural and abundant because she really looked cute but she wanted to slurp chocolate milk with a huge spoon and dribble it down the front of her white cotton dress instead.

It's the third time around with her. I'm not stressed about the perfect picture anymore. It's just more fun to watch her make a mess. I don't need two overly sensitive, princessy drama queens in the house anyway.
I couldn't handle that... sincerely.


  1. Very cute!What will Daddy think of the make-up?!

  2. I presume you're the overly sensitive, princessy drama queens in the house??