Friday, September 25, 2009

Oh my. "Lord help me and save me from this yada yada etc etc." I say this way too often. Every kid has done this. Several times. This was not the first time, (or the worst) nor will it be the last I'm sure.

She is still going through her diva phase and is giving me too much grief about (what I'm sure she considers) excessive picture taking. So I broke down and used the flash because all the other pics were blurry. If she were to sit still, that problem would be remedied but I can only ask for so much from a 3 yr. old. Some day I'll post all the blooper pictures. It takes so many shots to get one halfway decent one.

This incident reminded me of the time Daniel and Katie were too quiet for too long upstairs in the girls room. I can never leave the two of them alone for more than five minutes. The first indication something was awry was Katie looking like a pasty ghost coming down the stairs. After I gulped my heart back to my chest, I realized she was just covered in something and not suffering from heart failure. I noticed it was a dusty white substance with such a familiar scent. Baby powder. A bottle had been forgotten in the closet from Shannon's baby shower. (I never used it)
Just the image of Katie was funny at the time. But as I ascended the stairs calling 'Daniel, what's going on? What did you do to your sister?" and not getting a response I was left dreading the worst.
And it was.
The dark blue rug was now a baby blue color and every toy, knick knack, nook and cranny was covered in the stuff. Including Daniel. These incidents make me want to scream "What were you thinking?!" When you are in the bathroom pouring water on the floor "What are you thinking?!"
It was one of those moments I felt like laughing till I came across more and more of it everywhere and the reality of what a job it was going to be cleaning it up was starting to sink in.
It was bed time, Tim was at work, and I was SO ready to go to bed myself. Then it wasn't quite so funny.
I hate dusting.
Now, much later, it's funny again. It's like a rite of passage in parenting. Every kid gets into the baby powder and all children draw on themselves and each other with permanent marker. You'd think we parents would learn.

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