Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Each of my children have their own creative strengths.

Daniel is straight forward. What-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of inventions. Nothing to worry about, just plain 'ol fun. With Daddy's help, he made this modification to his cozy coupe after a failed attempt at making a monster truck out of paper. Something about making your own contraption from scratch is satisfying. (there's more coloring around the other side.) Of course he's Gravedigger. And it's not finished yet. I'd like to paint this sucker and maybe add a bit of bling to it. Too bad we don't have more access to huge appliance boxes. I'd love to see what unfolds then.

I was smacked around and force-fed a huge dose of reality with this one today. As I was slaving away in the kitchen, (ok, standing and trying to figure out what to prepare for dinner) I heard a peculiar conversation happening in the living room. She was talking to herself in a mock "role-play" manner which is very common for her. I don't usually pay much mind but today I felt extra curious so I stood quietly and listened. Fear soon replaced innocent curiosity and I swiftly regretted eavesdropping. I should have kept on doing nothing in the kitchen.
I won't write the details, (no need to embarrass her too much just yet) but the words smooch, boyfriend, rock star and breaking up were mentioned. And the phrases "been in the tent a long time" and "that's the biggest longest kiss..." Also ribbit ribbit. (hopefully an innocent reference to fairy tales)
She hasn't even hit the tween years yet and this has become part of her vocabulary. While I'm relatively safe for now, I'll feel better when Tim gets his shotgun from his parents' and I can start looking into nunneries.

Besides, it's this one I think I really have to worry about.


  1. Nunneries?? Maybe a convent...it only gets "better" from here!

  2. I like the word "nunnery" better.

  3. They may end up in one yet! Power of prayer!