Thursday, August 27, 2009

With summer winding down, we're coming up with more creative, less kid-like places to go. I've been itching to return to Schoen Place lately and revisit my old college stomping grounds. Twitches of nostalgia flooded through me as we drove past Fisher College and down the road to Nazareth. "Look kids! That's the hill I used to sled down!" I didn't mention we used fiberglass lunch trays "borrowed" from the cafeteria. Or sometimes three of us would jump in one of those plastic kiddie pools and surf down the hill California style.

We didn't expect to occupy the kids with much. There isn't really much for little ones to do except feed the ducks. But we knew... that, plus ice cream would be more than enough activities to keep them happy.

Once we purchased the "duck food" they came to us in droves frighteningly fast.

But it wasn't long before the poor ducks were neglected for the braver land-loving pigeons. Katie had no fear and was feeding them straight from her hand. I on the other hand, was torn between spasms every time she came daringly close to the edge of the water and being grossed out by the fact that we were surrounded by birds. Pigeons no less, and me without any hand sanitizer.

I got over it and the kids had a good time.

I think Daniel even petted one. *shudder* I let go of my care free they're-too-cute-too-be-dirty-animals phase when I had kids and witnessed first hand how much dirt and germs a person can manage to stick on themselves.

The old train trestle. I like the rusty metal and industrial feel to this structure. Plus I like to say "TRAIN!!" in my head (like Gordy did in Stand By Me) every time I see one.

There's so much character in this face. I've always loved the crevices and lines around his eyes. Someday I'll try to take a picture that shows off how blue they are. And then I'll try to humiliate him by attempting to draw a caricature that exaggerates all of his features.

I don't know why but I love pictures of daddy with the kids walking together taken from behind. This one reminded me of a similar one taken over three years ago.

Just look at those chubby little bow-legs. I could eat 'em up. (insert cliche term of your choice here: 'where does the time go?' or 'it feels like only yesterday' or 'they grow up so fast!' or 'hey, you never know...' wait strike that last one. I've got lotto on the brain)

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  1. Thank goodness Dan's legs straightened out!Looks so big in the first daddy/son pic!And is anyone surprised that Katie had no fear feeding the birds from her hand?