Monday, August 24, 2009

With fall coming soon, I am mentally preparing for the usual barrage of decisions that need to be made and money that needs to be spent on birthdays and Christmas. Thanks to Shannon's keen observation not only during tv shows but during commercials, she has made my job a little easier. Though I'm not sure which is harder; buying a gift for a child that knows exactly what they want and has to own only that IMPOSSIBLE to find toy, or having to guess what my child might want and hope I don't completely ruin their special day because they got a cheaper generic version of Barbie's mansion instead of the obscenely priced name brand version.

Shannon saw an ad for something called "Zhu Zhu Pets" (referred to in America as Go Go Pets) and has simultaneously jumped on the must-have-toy-this-year crazy bandwagon as well as sealed her doom.

Watch this commercial and tell me if I'm crazy.

On the one hand, they are cute and appealing in a I-just-wanna-carry-em-around-in-my-pocket kind of way. With the cute noises and fun little accessories. But is it just me or are they creepy too? I can't put my finger on it. Maybe it's just the Japanese feel to the ad that throws me off but something about these innocent little guys makes me uncomfortable.

I am obliged to watch these ads repeatedly because Shannon squeals with excitement when they come on and demands that I also see them so that I don't mistakenly purchase a "Fur real" pet instead. (which are SO last year)

Even though I like the concept of not having to care for a real animal, something about these things gives me the heebie jeebies. In the back of my mind I am picturing Chuckie dolls that come to life and terrorize the town. Or the killer bunny from Monty Python.

We're having enough problems with nightmares lately. I don't want to have to console my child in the middle of the night because they are petrified the harmless soft little battery-powered toy is going to come to life and bite their ears off.

At least she doesn't want a pony.

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  1. Shannon was telling me about this critter.The commercial does make it seem a bit "Chuckyish"!And, like so many toys,they have a ton of accessories!