Friday, August 21, 2009

I've never seen "The Three Faces of Eve" but I understand it's about a woman with 3 distinct multiple personalities.

I think I could count 256 different moods/"faces" projected from my oldest.

And I'm still counting.

Generally, I consider myself to be relatively confident when it comes to child-rearing. The kids know who's boss and usually I DO have the answers they need to hear.

Often when Shannon has a bad day, she talks about it with me. Usually it involves who is best friends with who today or how "nobody's respecting her" when her brother and sister don't let her boss them around. Or that "it's just not fair!" when she can't have what she wants that very second. Typical emotional 7 yr.old stuff.

At least I am able to draw on my own unfortunate childhood experiences and share my wisdom with her.

Right now, she listens to me. And if I'm careful not to drone on too long, I can avoid "lecturing" and losing her interest.

But someday I fear she will not come to me willingly nor will I have all the answers.

I fear this day is coming too soon.

Like probably 5 years. (or tomorrow)

Then what am I gonna do?

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