Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How can two babies, born and raised in houses close enough to use walkie talkies (pity we never did) be so completely different? Both come from loving families with siblings.

Both households share similar fundamental values. (and sometimes a cup of sugar too)

Both children are equally loved and cared for. And they played together a lot as well.

And yet, photographic evidence seems to paint a picture of one beautiful, polite, even cherubic child.

And the other...well let's just say if a stranger was given the choice... well which one would you pick up? The cute angelic baby on the left, or the cranky fussface (and probably stinky) one on the right?

Yep. This is proof that geography doesn't make a speck of difference in manners.

If we were identical twins, we could easily be told apart simply by who was sitting quietly and who was tearing into their cupcake ready to mash it whole into their mouth and ask for seconds before baby number one even gets the paper off.

Guess which baby I am. (hint: I slightly resemble Frankenstein. How appropriate.)


  1. We kept you anyway

  2. I presume the "cute baby" is Leah? Actually, you were a pretty good kid (except for your resistance to spending your own money--"I forgot my wallet."

  3. I still use that gig. It's pretty effective. A great money saver.

  4. We sure had a lot of fun (tearing into cupcakes and all). My boys are acting like Frankenstein today...