Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Reasons to be proud

Our kitchen sink pipes have decided to finally conk out on us and refuse to drain. (I won't admit it was the surplus of potato peels I tried to force down the disposal) The smart thing to do would be to call a plumber. But we know that they will tell us all our pipes need replacing and we're not prepared for news of that sort. We'd rather live like it's colonial times and throw the dirty dishwater out into the backyard until we've exhausted every attempt at fixing it ourselves. Can't wait to meet the new neighbors. I'm sure they'll love us.
How many times have I said I would love to live like the Amish? With their cute wagons and simple lifestyle? Heck with that! I want indoor plumbing back. Though I'm pretty sure they have that so what time period am I referring to? Anyone? I know, Little House on the Prairie times. I need to brush up on my history. So I'm proud of myself for coping with a primitive lifestyle. For maybe one more day. That's it.
Also, I mowed our lawn for the first and ONLY time today. Can't say as I like it much. I was dripping with sweat and it wasn't even hot out. My hands felt like they were shaking for 2 hours afterwards and I stink. Yuck. So I'm a princess. So what? At least I pump my own gas. (Maureen:)

Katie has been talking a lot more. I wish I could understand a lot more but after she says staccato-like "mom! yoo ha to ge me reek!" I'm still saying "what?? You want me to get you week? No wait a minute, you want me to get you drunk? No, that's not right..."

I do understand this one though. "kaa baa!!" She says this while perched on the edge of her bed just before jumping onto the mattress. Anyone guess?

I'm so proud of Dan because he has officially reached big boy-dom and is no longer requiring pull-ups at night. I think he could have done this long ago and was just milking it for as long as he could. I started to clue in when he began to call himself a baby and play pretend sucking his thumb. I don't mind most forms of imaginary play but that one drives me nuts.

And the finale! Shannon's new smile! Again! Poor thing can't even say her own name properly with the other front tooth now gone. But she doesn't seem to mind. She wanted to keep her tooth because it reminded her of when she had speech therapy and learned to keep her tongue behind her teeth. (guess she'll have to re-learn that one) I'm anxious to see how the new ones grow in. Are braces in our future? (nooo, please nooo!)