Thursday, August 6, 2009

Time to sign her up for gymnastics.

Or the Olympics

Or the circus.

Or maybe it's time to stop her from growing and subsequently doing any REAL damage.
I don't want to jinx anything here, but I bet she'll be the first one in the family to break a bone.
Speaking of jinxing, I'm feeling a teensy tad Twilight Zone-ish after hearing about John Hughes passing away. What was it, two days ago I mentioned him? It wasn't long after I did the one about Billy Mays when he died too. So who wants to be the next subject on here?
I tell you what, I'm not really superstitious but I thought twice about writing about my youngest tonight.
Something tells me not to worry, she'll climb her way out of anything.


  1. Didn't you do the Billy Mays one in memory of him?After he passed?

  2. I think she is part monkey and the zoo might accept her

  3. Carol- I did one comparing him to my brother. Then a couple weeks later he died. Then I did one about the ant killer 3000 in honor of him:)