Monday, August 17, 2009

We introduced the kids to the (heavy on the music, light on the humility) band Metallica today.

I fear Daniel may have found himself a new hobby. He looked a bit like Lars (above) only he was banging away on a rubbermaid container with a rainstick and some other long-ish type toy.

As long as he doesn't go the Ozzy route...

Oh how do I love thee air conditioner? Let me count the ways...

Without this most ingenious invention, I am certain I would look (and behave) like this:

I'm such a spoiled (youngest) child that I had the audacity to turn on the oven today. That's right. I'm not afraid to say it. Because even though you poor condition-less souls liquefying in this torrid climate will come to kill me tomorrow for bragging about it, I made cinnamon rolls today. And every luscious bite is worth the cursing I will receive. (are you sick of my adjectives yet?)

We are so detached from the outside world right now, the kids got bored and made up a game in honor of the fiery weather. It's pretty much a: lets-put-on-all-our-winter-clothes-and-pretend-to-have-a-snowball-fight-in-our-living-room kind of a game.

It's 3000 degrees outside and my kids have their mittens and hats on. Again, I can't stress it enough. I need to meet the creator of this snappy contraption give that person some cinnamon rolls.

And my first-born child...


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  1. Metallica is goo for the soul, and great for encouraging banging on stuff! My two year old head-bangs in her car seat when metal is played :o)