Monday, December 21, 2009

Because I'm really stuck and can't think of ANYTHING interesting to say, I'm going to list 10 embarrassing things about myself. Because when in doubt, humiliate yourself. My mantra.

1. I told my son to "man up" today. He's 6.

2. I've read all the Twilight books and all the Harry Potter books. And I enjoyed them more than books written for... you know, grown ups. (I've also seen and enjoyed all the movies, though I'll never reveal if I'm team Jacob or Edward, that's personal)

3. I just cooked a breakfast meal for myself at 11:30 pm. (eggs and hash browns with cheese. Yummy)

4. I wanted a horse so bad(ly?) when I was a kid, I used to set up jumps in the backyard and "canter" over them myself.

5. People think I'm a quiet person. The truth is, I'm only quiet when other people are around. Trust me, you DO NOT want to be around me when "Total Eclipse of the Heart" comes on the radio.

6. People also often think that because I'm "quiet" and I wear glasses and often pull my hair up that I'm a librarian-type and very smart. Truth: I can psychoanalyze what went wrong with Jon and Kate but don't ask me where North Dakota is. I don't know.

7. I spend copious amounts of time trying to better my score in Bejeweled.

8. I use words like copious to make myself feel smarter. Really. Secretary of state? No idea.

9. I once had to fight the strong urge to call Jon Stewart "Jimmy Stewart" to his face because I couldn't remember his real name. I really saved that situation when I did say to him "You're famous, aren't you?" Brilliant.

10. I'm extremely gullible. I once smiled and told the repair man no problem when he jokingly told us that the leak was mostly fixed.

So before you go all judgemental on me with your she-doesn't-even-know-who-the-sec.-of-state-is, keep in mind that at least I'm a very nice person. Just don't ask my husband to confirm that.
(it's Clinton isn't it. Who's Rumsfeld?)

Anyone want to share anything embarrassing? It's only the internet. Trust me, I'm smart. (translation--pitiful)


  1. Who says you're not smart? Aren't you the one who, when the family went shopping, always "forgot" her wallet and conned someone else into buying your goodies? Do you still do that?


  3. Well, Ashley gets that from you! That's why we sometimes call her Mary K.

  4. OK, I'm pretty sure the president of the United States is Obama. Just kidding! I know it's Bill Clinton. Duh! I wasn't born yesterday! (see, I'm smart and funny too!) But I couldn't for the life of me tell you who the vice president is....pathetic, I know.

  5. I have no embarrassing moments...just ask my kids....WAIT!DON'T!!

  6. You'll never live it down because you always did it, not just once or twice, and now you've passed it on - nice!:)

  7. Great! Who wants to go out to eat? I'm thinking somewhere really nice...