Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I just watched this movie.

I experienced a combination of emotions I've never felt before while viewing a film.
Most movies are either funny, or sad, or dramatic and sad, or sometimes just pathetically dramatically sad to the point it's funny. (Legends of the Fall--I mean come on, how many people are you gonna kill off just to try to squeeze one more tear out?)

I felt like I wanted to laugh and cry the entire movie. Some parts made me laugh out loud, though nothing made me actually cry. (usually a dog has to kick it or something to get that much of an emotional reaction from me)

Aside from all the underlying themes like following your dreams, and the importance of a spouse's support, I really want to go cook something right now.

At 11:18 at night.

Because one of the points made in the movie is that at least food is, for the most part, reliable.

And it's substantial.

Of course it's what people turn to when everything else is all out of whack. I may not know how we're going to keep paying for the kids' tuition, or what I want to do with my life (let alone qualified to do) when the kids grow up, but at least I know that I can make Ranch Style Chicken and I will enjoy every bite of it. Never mind that I'll weigh 600 pounds by the time I'm forty, at least I'll be happy. I cook more now than I ever did. Not because I enjoy cooking, it's because at some point between college and now, I started to not like nacho supremes from Taco Bell so much anymore. (my 21 year-old self is gasping in shock right now) I realized that there was not in fact a food fairy that granted wishes for chicken enchiladas and homemade chocolate chip cookies. And that these things were something I could create consistently and well. (at least if I have a recipe. I don't do that make-it-up-as-you-go kind of cooking. I need guidelines. A map. I am not creative in that department)

I just wish I felt about exercising the same way Jane Fonda does.


  1. That movie inspired me to really focus on cooking as opposed to my usual baking. So I requested a Le Cruset dutch oven for my birthday and have enjoyed it immensely, making many dishes out of it, including a Beef Bourgenion, that was out of this world. So what did you make last night at 11:30?

  2. I've got to make that beef dish. I mean it's only beef. Is it really that good? First I need to practice how to say it correctly. Do you have Julia's cookbook?

  3. What I liked about Julia is that she was a great cook but never took it TOO seriously...and what a hoot she was!!

  4. Yeah, it's good! I don't have her book but I do have a pb that the guys gave me along with the pot "Julia's Kitchen Wisdom" that has the recipe in it, along with many other basic recipes. I won't ever be able to say it correctly, I'm even having trouble spelling it correctly - Beef Bourguignon. You can borrow the book if you want.

  5. Enough about cooking! I just want to explore the phenomenon of not crying at movies unless there's a dog in it. She gets that from me!

  6. And just wondering...why do the posts show the time stamp about 3 hours earlier than posted(at least on mine)?