Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I used to pride myself as being a fairly accomplished decorator when it comes to the holidays. At least as far as our finances will allow. (probably good that they don't allow much because this house would look like Who-ville on acid.)

I like to mix a blend of traditional outdated all-american style (wall sconces and wreaths) with a nice splash of childish fun. (stuffed abominable snowmen and leg lamp ornaments)

Forever the master in the decorating department, I gladly do all the outside lights and the tree myself. When I turn down Tim's offer to help, I'm being totally honest.

No sentimental let's-all-do-it-together-crap, I know exactly where I want things to go and if the kids want to help, that's fine. I just put it back where it should go after they go to bed. (do I have a problem? Na.)

I think my throne as queen of all things prettily bedecked may be at risk. I sense a coup d'etat is in process and mutiny might be imminent. (maybe I should lighten up about where the little ceramic santa goes in the village...)

Just as he does with anything he sees, Daniel watched me in awe like an apprentice soaking up Michelangelo, (yes, I'm that good.) (warning-extreme sarcasm) then STOLE my precious adornments and ran off to his room to make his own Christmas town.

How dare he! ( Though I do commend his use of star wars figures as stand-ins for townsfolk)

Lights must be dimmed to get the proper effect.

My favorite part.
It's the deranged Easter bunny who must have angered the native in Beetlejuice and is now being carefully monitered by the Geico eyes just to make sure the people of Bedford Falls are no longer in danger...
I've never seen anything that screams Merry Christmas more than this display.
I'm so proud.


  1. That is so cute! Tell Daniel he did a great job decorating his room. I love the Star Wars figures and the Geico eyes - very creative. Nice touch. This is something Ben would totally do! Aren't little boys so awesome?

  2. I like the Geico eyes on the bed