Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Every year for New Year's, I make the extremely wise and profound decision to not really make any resolutions. I mean, what's the point? Set grandiose standards only to let myself down when I quit whatever it is 2 weeks later? Who needs that kind of guilt? Exercise? Pshaw! I'd rather set my sights low and then be pleasantly surprised when I accomplish something teeny. Like remembering to feed the dog.

This attitude is why I'm such a financial wizard and quite the successful business woman. (yeah, "Working Girl"... that's me)

I really do like to be organized though, even if I am not really the poster girl for having an uncluttered and clean house.

Before kids, when I was working full time, I once in an attempt to clean up my "module", (10 participants, 3 staff, 1 teeny room. Order was a necessity) I actually straightened a chair back into the table with a staff member still in it.

It's not healthy. But what's less sane is the fact that I like things this way and that's out of my control now that I have 3 little kids upsetting all my fantastic organizational achievements.
I'm no fun am I.

But my point.

I used to plan meals for the week and shop accordingly. Lots of normal people do this. Maybe that's why I couldn't keep it up. I'm kind of weird.

I've stopped the habit (for no good reason) and am now making trips to Wegman's almost every day.

This has to end. So, with my new favorite cookbook (thanks Carol!) to guide me, I'm planning a New Year's activity (NOT a resolution) to make all of the recipes in the book and document the results here.

Yes, I know I'm so original and that this has already been done with a much more difficult and impressive challenge. (you all have seen Julie and Julia) But I decided I don't care that it's not my idea. I want to do it. It's a much smaller book and I've already made lots of the recipes in it. Though some do scare me and I might have to modify them. Burgundy mushrooms anyone? Not me.
Every dish so far has been fail-proof and scrumptious and even Tim likes them. (I won't be telling him when I feed him something with ricotta cheese in it, he'll have to trust me.)

So, starting next week, I'll have the week's menu planned out and it will look something like this:

Monday: Pico de Gallo and Simple, Perfect Enchiladas (and maybe cornbread)
Tuesday: Guacamole and Migas
Wednesday: Simple, Perfect Chili
Thursday: Chicken Fried Steak and Buttermilk Biscuits
Friday: Cheese Grits and Mocha Brownies

Of course this wouldn't be a proper non-resolution if I didn't add a disclaimer that stated that these meals may be subject to change (or may not happen at all every day--it's gonna happen. I'm not that dedicated.)

Also, I'm not promising anything, but due to the excessive butter used in just about all the recipes, I am thinking it might be a good idea to start a real work-out regimen too. We'll see.


  1. Thanks for my book too!What good taste we have.Remember that the woman in Julie Julia didn't have 3 kids!!

  2. I'll take the Burgundy Mushrooms - as long as they are fresh and not the canned ones!