Monday, December 7, 2009

We went to the Christmas parade in my hometown this past weekend.
You know, the event that unlike the balmy much more comfortable summer parade, takes place at night on the coldest night of the year?
Every year?

That's ok. We bundled up and had a nice time.

Sometimes it was loud.

But most of the time it was pretty.

This was my favorite float. I wonder how much saran wrap they used and how long Mr. and Mrs. Claus were stuck in there?
Which brings me to an observation.
I saw three different santas on three different floats. Are we trying to cause trouble for the parents here?
Fortunately the kids didn't really catch on so no explaining was necessary. The whole "santa's helpers" argument always sounded lame to me so I just let that nugget of info slide.
Hot cocoa at grandma's makes it easy to forget too. (and helps thaw out our tushies)

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