Monday, June 22, 2009

As I was mopping the kitchen floor today, I found myself explaining some fundamentals about the task to Daniel.

This is how it went.

*on Kate's little trike* D- "Can I come in here?"

M- "Not now, I'm mopping. When it's dry you can walk here."

D- "Well, how can you walk there?"

M- "I'm mopping and walking on the dry floor behind me. When it's all wet, I'll stay off the floor too."

D- "Well, can I come in right here?"

M- "That spot is dry still, so you can if you want to but it will be wet very soon."

D- "Well how come you are over there and I can't come there?"

M- "Because I'm mopping and the floor will be wet soon. You can come over here but you will have to move in a minute."

D- "Well when can I get there?"

M- " When the floor is dry."

D- "Well when will that be?"

M- "Didn't we already cover this?"

D- "Well when will lunch be?"


D- "Well how can you make lunch when the floor is wet?"

M- "It will be dry soon, then I will make lunch."

D- "But how can you walk on the wet floor?"

I give up!

This whole scenario reminded me of one of my favorite scenes from monty python

Speaking of movies, this picture of Dan always brings to my mind the quote: "Fire! I... have created fire!' said by Tom Hanks in Cast Away.

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  1. LOL Mary I had to laugh! LOL I have the same type of conversations over the years with my children, mostly my youngest Emily. And now that she babysits she now has the same conversations with the 3 little boys she watches. It is never a dull moment with children! :)