Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I seem to be suffering from an inability to focus on one topic today. I want to write about many mundane topics and make them seem interesting but I'm pretty sure they're just boring.

Tim and I went shopping today and I'm proud to say we are able to go to a store as a family and avoid tension and/or meltdowns. Yeah! (I'm referring to myself and Tim as well as the kids) We have different shopping styles. I like to get it done quick and Tim likes to browse more. (Although I suppose this changes depending on what we are looking at.) We used to walk together down the aisles. Me much further ahead but constantly having to stop so Tim could show me something. Doesn't he know by now what a short attention span I have? I've already given that item all the attention it needs, why must I stop my mission to go back? He must know how it irks me. Why should it do that to me? He just wants to share something interesting. Eventually I would get snippy and then Tim would wonder what the heck got into me, and you throw some good 'ole kids whining and you've got yourself a most unpleasant shopping experience.

Oh how we've grown. For all you newlyweds out there, the secret is... SEPARATE. In fact you could probably apply this theory to any marital situation. Of course I'm not talking about changing residences, I mean you go one way and he goes another and you meet in the middle. But make sure you are clear where and when you are to meet. That one has been trouble for us more than once and then you're right back at square one. Or do what the old folks do and sleep apart for a night, give each other space. They know what they're doing. Okay, that's extreme but you get the gist. It took us 11 years to figure that out.

Other things are growing as well.

I witnessed Shannon skipping today on the way to the playground.

When did this happen? I always envisioned hours of trying to teach her because I was sure she had inherited my lack of coordination.

Then, while at the park, a friend she's made boasts "I have a DS." And Shannon answers "I don't have one but I have a my meebas."

What the heck is a DS and how does Shannon know what it is? (I do know what a "my meebas" is but only because she showed us specifically when she requested one for her birthday.) When did I become the old lady who's out of the loop? When did kids learn another language? I couldn't text a message to save my life...literally.

When she came home from school she brought a lot of school supplies and things because the students are cleaning out their desks. One paper was a "my favorite things" type of report. Shannon put ICarly as her favorite tv show. I've never even seen this show, when has she?

What's happening? I don't feel as much like time is slipping away as I'm losing control. I don't like it, but I guess I'd better get used to it, and learn how to text or twitter or whatever the kids are doing these days.

Even Katie is in on the action to put mommy in her place. My sweet, cuddly little angel turned on me today with no warning. We were having a nice, quiet time in Kmart. Mom even commented how well behaved she was being. I thought "of course, she's my baby and I expected nothing less than perfect behavior."

All she did was drop the teeny notebook she was carrying. The heavens opened and the gods punished me for being so arrogant as to think this child was angelic. I'm walking ahead and she's screaming to me "pi up!"

"No, you can pick that up yourself."

"No mommy...YOU PI UP!"

I walk further and remind her again "You dropped it, you can pick it up."

She was left screaming and stomping her feet and I think if mom wasn't with me, I may not have found it so amusing. Thank goodness for Grandmas. She was willing to do what I was too stubborn to do and picked up the cursed thing for her. She's still my little sweetie, I'm sure she was just hungry. I'm denying the notion that this is the beginning of a very trying toddler hood or that she is indeed the devil.


  1. Testing again, only this time from Katie.

    Just to update you a DS is a gameboy - you know the hand held zone out device that the kids use as an excuse to turn your voice off, until you take it away.

    What is a "my meebas"?