Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We have a netflix membership. It has been one of the most worthwhile monthly indulgences we have enjoyed for the past 2 years. For less than 10 bucks a month we get unlimited movies, one at a time. Like so many others, I'm a movie buff. There aren't too many movies I can say I hated. Hannah and her Sisters was terrible. (although I was too young too appreciate it, but I heard it did suck) and Atonement was the biggest let down, most overproduced disaster I've seen. Other than that, I enjoy most movies on some level. Oh, I can't forget to mention The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward such and such. I couldn't even finish that one.

I just saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. (Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchet) This one is running a fine line next to my all time baddies. I really wanted to like it, it was beautiful to look at, yet overdone. The makeup was fantastic, but that's about the only interesting thing happening. I wanted to see it end just to see how his end could be explained. Someone involved in this movie must have been laughing their head off coming up with the most boring highlights of this man's life to put in a serious, "oscar type" movie. A man aging backwards... great, that's interesting. But the audience needs a little more character development than a lackluster love affair with someone who is not even likable, a job as a tugboat sailor, and being the son of a button man. Forrest Gump this is not. At least Gump was entertaining and whimsical. Button was boring. Like Atonement, I wanted (and for the production $,expected to be) swept out of my chair with a tragic love story. Nothing. I felt nothing except, "how long is this again?" Great actors, mediocre screenplay. Occasional dots of mild humor.

Last night, it was Revolutionary Road. (Kate Winslet, Leo Caprio) This was a movie well done. For a period piece, (the 50's) the scenery was accurate and subtly appealing. As was the acting. It's not a movie I want to see over and over again, but I appreciated it's depth. While circumstances seemed exaggerated, that was okay. (that's what movies are really, right?) Something I can't place my finger on seemed off, maybe I didn't identify with the main characters enough. I think we are more like the conservative couple rather than the main characters in this movie and maybe that bothered me a little. It was one of those movies that looked at the insides of a relationship from a different angle, but when it was over, all I thought was, well, that'll (I know that's not really a word) never happen.

From time to time, I may give my thoughts on films I have seen and I promise I'll try to post "spoiler alerts" where applicable. Please feel free to disagree with me or question my meaning. I know tonight I felt off and may not have come across very clearly. (still recovering from last night)

I wish I had some fun kid stories today, but I'm fresh out.

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