Thursday, June 25, 2009

There's no denying it now.

We're here; knee-deep, stuck-in-the-muck, there's-no-goin' back, it's-time-to-face-the-music in the throes of summer.

I can't stand it. I'm sure I'm the only twisted individual from these parts that dislikes this tortuous time of year.

What's to like?

Bugs? Mosquitoes? Flies? Bees? *shudder* SPIDERS? You all know how I feel about those creepy critters. I'd rather not talk about them anymore.

Don't even get me started on humidity and yucky, sticky days so uncomfortable you don't even want to do anything but sit on the hot couch and listen to the sweat drip from your body.

Yep, that's my cup of tea.

What's the big deal about summer? A few over-priced water parks and ice cream? (I eat ice cream in winter and I'm happy to report, it tastes the same)

Hey we got Christmas in winter. And hot chocolate and chestnuts roasting by the fireplaces and excuses to cover up our pale, veiny legs and naps....glorious snuggle-up-in-blankets and dream about santa naps. Hot showers and slippers and warm woolen mittens. (ok, I borrowed that one)

We've got "It's a Wonderful Life" for cryin' out loud!

Just look at the picture. Don't they look so happy?

Anyone converting?

Didn't think so. *sigh*

The summer season is so overrated.

I should move to Alaska. People say I look like Sarah Palin when I put my hair up anyway.

And the kids. The kids are home ALL DAY EVERY DAY FOR TWO WHOLE MONTHS. If that's not a reason to long for the cooler, prettier, construction-free days of fall then call me Sarah and ship me off to Alaska.

Daniel put the cones around Maggie today and informed me very seriously that we can't go near her. She's under construction.

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  1. Oh that Daniel!My little lovey.The one plus of summer is that it doesn't take half an hour to send the kids outside.The plus about winter is no yard work,and shoveling is sporadic...and I can step out on the back porch for hot-flash relief!