Monday, June 8, 2009

As promised, here are a couple pictures from my fond "neighborhood memories". Notice the bell for service at the lemonade stand? Lucky customers got free peanuts with the purchase of one lemonade.
The other photo was taken at a neighbor's place down the street. (I wish I could remember the name...) An older woman lived there and I guess we were helping sweep her driveway. Despite not remembering exactly why we were there, (let alone remembering who lived there) I think this picture speaks a bit about the type of neighborhood we grew up in. We could trust everyone.(at least I think we could, as a kid I guess I trusted my parents who hopefully knew this old lady was not a crackpot looking for cheap child labor.) We all knew each other. I still refer to these houses by the names of the people who used to live there. "Well the judge's house is finally done." or "I like the porch on Edwin's house..."
I know times are different and it's been said before, but I miss the freedom and safety of playing after dark or leaving the house on my bike with only a shout of "be back for dinner!" before exploring. Maybe my parents did worry, but gave me liberties I wouldn't dream of giving my kids today. Maybe they were naive and didn't worry as much as they should have? (I don't think so) Maybe I just miss being a kid.
I want to thank most of my family for helping make this weekend successful for Tim and I. Teresa, thanks for getting up early Saturday to bring me to my lesson and to help(?) watch the kids at mom's. We share the same attitude about mornings and , well we all know the effect kids have on you so I do appreciate the favor. Maureen, given the circumstances, you could have canceled. But you didn't and now I regret not insisting that you go. Thank You. Tim and Nicole, I know Dan had a great time at the movies (I hope he didn't talk too much) and I'm glad you could help mom out as well. Though, Tim, you are gonna have to clean up the poop someday! (yeah, mom told me about that.) Nicole, you really didn't have to do the dishes, but it was a nice surprise to come home to a clean kitchen. By the way, I feel the need to say that I know it doesn't matter to anyone, but I was a little embarrassed about the state of the house. Just so you know, I cleaned like a banshee today and now I want you all to come back and see how we live all the time. Cause, you know, our house is always spotless.
And mom, you gave up your whole day on (at?) the spur of the moment. I'm so happy you feel well enough to do as much as you did. (you do feel better, don't you?)
This past weekend made me think of field trips to the museum and learning about the long houses. I don't know why, (ok, short attention span) but the long houses are the only thing I remember learning about at the museum. Extended families lived and worked together to raise the family all in one big house. Now, I'm not suggesting we all live together, let's give Teresa her space, but I'm so grateful that we all live as close together as we are.
So, that said, who wants to sign up to babysit next? Anyone...anyone?


  1. After I finished this I realized I forgot to thank my mother-in-law, Carol, for b-sitting countless times. (It's starting to sound like I'm accepting an award eh?) Carol has been brave enough to watch all 3 kids overnight even and deserves an award herself!

  2. Oh sure you butter us up to then throw the bomb at the end. Someday soon maybe?

  3. Don't fight it, I'm a pro:)