Friday, June 5, 2009

This is what a typical evening in our home sounds like.

Thank you Tim and Nicole for the mirror. (I'm not being sarcastic either) The kids love it and we haven't even put it up yet. However, as most new items do, it brought a little tension with it.

Daniel was looking into it closely and saying in his deepest troll voice "True love's kiss...' (from Enchanted) Then he proceeded to kiss it multiple times.

This would simply not do for Shannon. She screamed for him to stop playing with her mirror and when he didn't, she pummeled him. He then throttles her back and before they can say happily ever after, they are in time out and the mirror is temporarily put away.

Sulking to each other, (because both in trouble means they are united against mom now) this is what I hear:

S- "Look what you made me do!"
D- " I didn't make you do that! You're just a mean sister!"
S- "You're the one who wouldn't leave my mirror alone! Now we have to sit here!"
D- "I'm gonna call the police and tell on mommy."
S- "You can't call them, Dad won't let you because he's married to mommy."
D- "Yeah, well I love mom and I'M gonna marry her and then call the police."
S- "You can't marry her because when you grow up, she'll be really old and then she can't take care of you anymore."

This entire time, Katie is happily playing at the table with some toys Shannon had been playing with.

If there isn't at least one brawl a day, then the day is not over yet.

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