Wednesday, June 3, 2009

In our house, the tv is on probably more than it should be. But not so much that I feel like we are addicted. (sounds just like an addict right?) I'd like to say it's necessary for us to watch in the morning before school. And Saturday mornings are mandatory. (Tim and I are NOT morning people) We watch right before Katie's nap time, though sometimes the watching spills over into the afternoon with Daniel's "junkyard wars" or speed channel. The evening is just one half hour of a movie chosen by the kids in turn. (I know, I'm a real stickler eh?)

One afternoon when the tv was on but not really being watched, (I know that's wrong... whatever) one of the kids (I think Dan but I can't remember) looks up and says "hey mommy! Uncle Tim is on tv!" And so now whenever we see a Billy Mays infomercial we shout "Look! It's Uncle Tim!"

Didn't know we had a celebrity in the family didja?


  1. I never made the connection,but he does look like Billy May!Although Tim looks--and is--younger.But he'll have to come up with a bottle of dark black hair coloring for the best effect!!

  2. I hope I don't end up like him. He died today. 6/28/09