Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Every day seems to end with one child having been the focus. Usually due to misbehaving or drama. There are the days when they are so polite, and they play well together, and all is beautiful... Well I can't really call these "days." They're more like events. Anyhow... this evening Daniel was in the spotlight. Had I been "in a mood" I may (would) have handled this poorly but it really was just, curious.

After dinner the kids are accustomed to having dessert if they have eaten everything. Some nights this is forgotten and some, like tonight, it is NECESSARY. (according to Daniel) I gave him 3 choices for dessert. (a luxury in itself) but he just couldn't choose. He became more and more frustrated with himself and kept repeating "I CAN'T PICK SOMETHING!" He really had a tantrum about it. Kind of an over-tired, I-can't-make-up-my-mind, life's-just-plain-rotten kind of tantrum. I wanted to help, and I kept my cool but what the heck? 3 choices of dessert and you're upset? I don't think so.

I waited till he had calmed some and then we tried again.

"Daniel, you may have a cookie, a taffy, or 2 whoppers."

"I don't know what I want, I fink I want somping else."

"This is it kiddo, no other choices, let's try the taffy."

And sure enough, I'm pretty sure that was what he wanted. But he wouldn't stop asking questions about it. (he's never had it before)

*sobbing quietly in my lap* "How do you chew it?"

"Same way you chew food."

"Then what happens, where does it go?"

"In your tummy. Do you want me to eat a piece with you?" (I'm willing to do what it takes, hard as it may be)

*still crying* "But do I like the taste?"

"I'm sure you might if you try it"

"But how do I chew it?"

"Don't worry, it's not gum, you won't choke. Just chew."

"But what does it do?"

"Just put it in your mouth and let it melt. You'll like it really."

This back and forth went on for too long. By the time he was willing to even taste it, he had pulled it apart so much I was hesitant to let him eat it, (yuck) but we pressed on. I knew he would like it if he only tasted it. Why, you are asking, is she putting so much effort into making this kid eat candy? Why haven't I tried to get him to eat his veggies with the same enthusiasm?

Because this is just weird.

I have no excuse except this had become a challenge for me. What kid doesn't like taffy? Not my kid I tell you what.

"C'mon Dan, just lick a little piece."

He licks a piece on my finger. Then he keeps licking, then he wants to try the other color in that piece. (strawberry cream) Finally, when the moons are aligned and the stars are right, I say "OK, just put it in your mouth."

I would like to say he ate it. I had visions of before and after pictures and of telling the story of how he was reluctant to eat taffy of all things. How funny right? Wrong. He never ate it. Into the garbage it went. Sticky hands washed of all evidence of the incident. And now the bedtime routine was severely delayed and we had no accomplishment to boast of.

*sigh* There are worse things to be worried about anyway. Like high school, driving, girls... Until then, more candy for me.

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