Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This is how our afternoon went.

Stop me if you've heard it before.

We had a mostly nice time at the zoo. Then I:

* put Katie to bed but before that I noticed the table and chairs needed cleaning so I wiped them.

* put Katie to bed, but first killed about a hundred ants (ok, 3)

* actually put Katie to bed.

* rested on couch, played on computer, during which time I told the non-nappers about three hundred times "go outside please!"

* killed more ants

* put lotion on Shannon's awful bug bite (or whatever it is)

* prepared dinner

* wiped the table again

* actually, before preparing dinner I got fed up with the state of the fridge (not working right) so I fixed it with a screwdriver. (MacGuyver is my cousin)

* more stuff on the bug bite

* prepared dinner

* again, more table and chair wiping

* fielded questions like: "mommy, what are you doing?" and "momma, how did you treat your bug bites?" and "MA! CEEN UP! MA! I CEEN! MA! KILL AN!"

* gave 2 out of 3 kids a bath

* killed more ants

* watched "The Black Stallion" while fielding more questions that all went pretty much like this: "What's he doing? Mom, what's happening? Mom, what's going to happen next?"

* killed another ant, then kids went to bed.

* reminded kids to actually "GO TO BED"

It's thrilling, I know.

I put up the pic of the rhino just because I thought it looked neat. They're so prehistoric and wrinkly.


  1. Sounds like a fairly calm day.

  2. my brother told you that i was
    a annoying or a handful or

  3. I think you should have given the ants a bath and had the kids help you.