Monday, November 30, 2009

love (?) letters

Shannon spent some quality time this weekend evaluating her relationship with each of us.

It says:
Dear Kate you are the best best sister ever.

I think you are nice becas you have been grate. I tink you shode be in my club.

ps you shode live in peas forever.

*lovely drawing of heart in a heart*

Love, Shannon

I find this next one (above) to be a particularly accurate description of mommy's and daddy's unending patience and ceaseless ability to never lose our tempers...

It says:
Dear mom and dad

you are the best in t wold. I tink you are nice

ps you are grat and nice and loveing

Love, Shannon

*another beautiful rendering of multiple hearts*

But I find the one above to be a work of high art whose raw honesty rivals that of Hilary Clinton's memoirs.

It says:
Dear Daniel

I do not like the you.

You must not no the better code that I like. You will find out wy becus you have been mean.

ps you may not come in my room ever agen.

from, Shannon

*darling drawing of a clenched fist and a fractured heart*



  1. Somehow I knew Daniel's letter would be the exception!

  2. I almost saw that one coming!But,as with most sibling rivalry,when push comes to shove...well,they probably will!(I think we know they would really stand up for each other when the other needs them!)